10Days United Worship, Repentance, & Prayer

10 Days is a gathering of the Body of Christ to Pray for our cities, with Fasting, Repentance and Worship. This is an amazing time in which during these10 Days we give ourselves completely to God, and set aside our normal patterns of life, work, school, and entertainment? How would it look if your family, your church, and your entire city did the same? 10 Days is consecrated time, holy time, a Sabbath time. It is time for people to commune with God and discover one another in the light of His face. Simply put, life looks different during 10 Days. 10 Days is time set-apart to seek God with Worship , fasting, and repentance and prayer. Will you join us and be changed forever by this concentrated time. Check out more info at 10Days.net


Rock Creek Christian Center
21450 NW Rock Creek Blvd
Portland, OR 97116
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