Behind The Song: Hope Darst Shares The Heart Behind 'Peace Be Still'

I have found myself fighting fear and anxiety in different seasons of life and what I’ve learned is that it doesn’t always just go away because I think my way out of it, but I can worship my way through it....Fear and anxiety don’t just disappear because we write songs or sing songs, but God has given us a weapon of worship to use every time the wave of fear wants to rise itself against us. This song is a prayer and a weapon; a prayer of peace over everything you are facing and a weapon of worship to defeat fear, depression, and doubt. God has promised you peace.” – Hope Darst

Here's Hope Darst to tell us more about how her debut single, "Peace Be Still", which has become a runaway smash hit.  

"I dreamed of being an artist for 25 years, and then laid that dream aside to pursue what God had called me to do," retrospects Hope, "to raise a family and serve local church. I never imagined that 15 years later, God would lead me back to my first dream of writing and releasing music as an artist."

God's timeline has become Hope's center of study as she sees her music career launch.  "What I’ve learned is that when we stay surrendered and keep saying ‘Yes’ to the season God puts in front of you, He writes an amazing story over our lives. So whatever you have in your life that might look finished or over, you have no idea what God could bring to life again.”

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