Casting Crowns - "Just Be Held" (Official LIVE Music Video)

When life is totally out of control, sometimes all you want is to just be held. That's the sentiment behind this song by Casting Crowns, which came about literally from a life-or-death situation that singer Mark Hall was in.

Here's the official music video of "Just Be Held".

When asked where the song originated, singer Mark Hall told us it came about while he and some others were surfing...

“I was out with my students surfing in Florida once and we were just learning how to get up and how to do this thing. I never mastered it, but when I got the closest to getting on the board a wave hit me and I went rolling.  I rolled so many times that I realized I didn’t know where up was. I couldn’t figure out where the air was. The light was going everywhere and that was a terrifying feeling of no control (absolutely no control). I think when life’s storm hits us, that’s what we’re looking for. We’re looking for something we can grab onto and steady ourselves…we may even look at our faith that way. I need to grab onto God and steady myself, but what I’m finding even in our recent storm of life with our little girl Hope, and all the things that she’s been through medically, is that I just can’t grab a hold of something. What I’ve got to understand is that God is taking a hold of me. Instead of being the ‘fixer Daddy’ that grabs a hold of whatever I can and makes this work, I’ve got to understand that I’m already in His hands. I’m already being held and I’m already in His control and in His protection, even in the chaos. This song, to me, reminds me that I am being held by Him. As crazy as it is when I look around me, I’ve got to rest in that truth.

That's life, friend.  We have to let go of our trials on a daily basis and let God hold us.  He knows the plan for our lives.  He wrote our stories from beginning to end.  Our futures are a memory to him.  He's already there.  We have to let go and let God lead us through the storms we face, trusting him to get us to the other side.”

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