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Mandisa, Natalie Grant Open Up on TBN About Their Depression, Anxiety

It was a time of frank honesty and openness on the TBN program, Better Together  when the topic turned to depression, anxiety, and other mental (and spiritual) challenges. What made the installment even more compelling was host Laurie Crouch inviting Christian artists Mandisa, Natalie Grant, and Jamie Grace to specifically address their personal struggles with depression and anxiety.  

The discussion was open but at the same time, these singers consistently pointed to their faith as the solution that gets them through their episodes.  On her Twitter, Mandisa said specifically about the topic, "We need to have a war chest of Scripture to FIGHT life’s challenges."

Here's a video clip from the show...

Upon the release of her last album, Out of the Dark, Mandisa confessed to national audiences her acute struggle with depression, even to the point where she was contemplating ending her life.  Likewise, Natalie Grant has used her social media to express her struggles with panic attacks and how they interfere with her life and ministry. 

From this TV appearance, perhaps more artists will be coming forward to talk about their own struggles.  But more importantly, hopefully the singers' talk will help some viewers somewhere. 

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