We Are Messengers - 'Image Of God' (Official Music Video)

Never ones to shy away from boldly proclaiming God's kingdom, We Are Messengers has this music video of their song, "Image of God".

In a time when our culture has cheapened human life and the value of each individual, We Are Messengers goes counter-culture by using medical technology to point us back to the One who made us. 

'“Image of God' is here and features a black and white ultrasound. Why? Because we love ultrasounds," shares lead singer Darren Mulligan on the band's social media, "They remind us that we are not defined by the color of our skin, our occupation, or the social class we belong to. We are not defined by our political affiliation, the sum of our achievements, or the mistakes we have made. We are simply created in the wonderful image of God, and because of that, each of us no matter where we’re from, where we’ve been or what we’ve done are worthy of being loved." 

Here is the official music video of "Image of God"....

BONUS VIDEO - Here's a very cool acoustic version of "Image of God" that We Are Messengers did with very special guest, country legend Vince Gill!

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