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Speaking of Houses…

This is not a partisan post. It is factual. It is neutral. It is teachable.  And we should never forsake an opportunity for teachable moments.

Turn It Off

Tomorrow will require a boldness, clarity, and faith that won’t be in any scrum or screen. In fact, it won’t be found at all apart from sacrificial truth speaking, Christ following, and spirit-led-living. 

The Guide, The Blind, and You.

Sweet, sweet Jesus— give me the courage and humility to be led well by others. Make me brave enough and strong enough to run hard in the dark.

Not As Righteous As You Think

We have bought the worlds version of Love Your Neighbor, which is See No Sin. And, when there is no sin, there is no need for a Savior.

Thank You for the Crutches, Father

If you honestly can see no value in being American, you have not traveled or read enough. You have not dined with missionaries, wartime military, or martyrs near enough.

Independance Day

We think our future is hung upon won wars, election cycles, and votes but we have far more than a victory or vote at our disposal.

The Ringer

I am writing to you from vacation. The first in many, many years. The first with two teenagers.  The first with extended family in tow.  And I could not be more delighted about all of it. 

On Preferred Names…

God knows feelings are fleeting, circumstances change, and bitter seasons end. God also has ultimate sovereignty and authority over our identity and purpose.

On Gender Pronouns…

It is easy to have strong positions on issues until people you love are the ones with the issue.

Homophones and Homophobes

I received a very frank message from one reader who had some thoughts about a few Hey Salty Pride Month posts. The message contained a most interesting closing…

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